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How can I be a part of big digitalization projects?

Ocean School of Innovation NTNU in cooperation with Webstep invites to meetup for academics, technology experts, startup staff and other interested under Trondheim Playground.

Digitalization is rapidly changing how industries create value and how they compete. Some argues that digitalization is even rewriting the DNA of the business. Many companies need to adjust to this changing landscape to survive in the marked. Some analytics mean that global market for digital consumer products is highly overfilled, while the utilization of deep tech in still low. This opens opportunity for specialized academics and technologists to make use of their findings in a new, digital world.

That raises questions on what the role of technology experts in large digitalization project is, how can academics contribute, and how may new knowledge be utilized in a digital context? What are the largest digital trends and what technologies and solutions should professionals focus on?

One of the best persons who can answer these issues is Save Asmervik from Webstep. He has participated in many large projects related to digitalization the last couple of years. During the meetup he will share his knowledge and highlight current state-of-the-art within the digital technology, the role of deep tech, and the different digital business models.

Coffee served from 08:30, talk starts at 09:00.

Location (Maze map link): http://bit.ly/2NyuA49

September 4


– 10:30